Why “Real Body” – challenging unrealistic fashion body shapes



I have been searching for a way to create illustrations for my design and I am just not comfortable about the unrealistic fashion industry standards. How delightful then, to read about this fantastic project. It is so good I wanted to share it with you.

Why “Real Body”. Aims to challenge the unrealistic fashion illustrations used by designers and create a catalogue of real body types as an alternative resource.



I don’t know anyone who looks like these illustrations, but the distortion means that very often when we make up a dress we can be disappointed, mostly because the illustrations on the front of a pattern use dysmorphia.

I know that was a huge stumbling block for me early on in my sewing, after all my hard work the dress did not live up to my expectations.

If you can, sign up to be a model, it is easy, just send them photos of you. It will add to the library and create a more realistic resource.

Maybe, in years to come, the awful shadow of unrealistic air brushed beauty will seem out of place, just in the same way that cultural diversity is accepted today.

2 thoughts on “Why “Real Body” – challenging unrealistic fashion body shapes

  1. I think it’s incredible we’ve gone on so long with women being expected to fit into impossibly shaped clothes rather than thinking clothes should be made to fit women. I think it fantastic this is now being address, but I do have one small worry that part of this is driven by there now being so many obese teenagers and young adults and that there is a market being tapped rather than it acknowledging women aren’t all stick insects.

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    • I agree, Its the power of blogging and Facebook that is changing the fashion industry! Women have a voice! it makes no sense to ignore 60% of the women over size 16, they have to listen – at the end it’s just business. If they sell more then production will shift.

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