Travelling books with the Embroidery Guild

Travelling book

I am a member of the Solent Embroiders Guild – the meetings are wonderful – one of the highlights of the month. There is something joyous about meeting with other women who have a passion for textiles. Despite the name, all things textile related are covered -from historical talks on techniques right through to ribbon embroidery and block printing.

I am participating in their travelling books – these are small sketch books that pass from one member to the next each month, where each person does a small piece of work in one page. The books get swapped every month in the end returning back to their owner.

Keeper of lost things ribbon embriodery

I created my design on paper – using the title of a well loved book – putting a combination of embroidery and ribbon embroidery as an embellishment. giving it an old fashioned quality. The thickness of the letters is created using a red velvet ribbon, couched down and then the rest of the writing was done in running stitch.

Why keeper of lost things?

One day, while I was searching through my stash I came across a piece of paper pieced patchwork that I had done with my son while we were on holiday. Just looking at it brought back so many lovely memories. However, I had fallen out of love with the fabric and really did not want to continue with the project – the stitching wasn’t great, we had used black thread – so I decided to make my book a home for all the lost and abandoned projects like these. I made the bag with the patchwork and spent a few happy evenings, (or maybe quite a lot of evenings) happily exploring variations on stitches.

crazy patchwork

There is something quite liberating to pick up one colour or the next and experiment. As this was a lot bigger than a page in my book I decided to use this to create the bag for my book to travel in.

The finished travelling book bag

For the first page I found a very small embroidery lurking at the bottom of a sewing basket – a very early attempt of embroidery. It must have been done during the school holidays when I had a little more time. I think this remained at the bottom of a basket for over 10 years – still in the hoop. I knew nothing about embroidery at the time and could only remember statin stitch. 

Embroidery lost in the bottom of a box

I loved painting and sewing – I remember really enjoying doing it – but not really sure what to do with it when I had finished! I was so busy with studying, working, teenagers, housework, I promised myself one day that I would do more hand stitching. Here I am – ten years of so later, an empty nest and time to sew! 

If you wish to find your own local branch of the Embroidery Guild there are groups all over the country – even if embroidery is not your thing, learning new things can really up your construction techniques in dressmaking or quilting. All textile enthusiasts are welcome you can be a total beginner to an expert, there is always something Wonderful to learn and grow. You can find their website, along with a search facility to find your nearest group here.

2 thoughts on “Travelling books with the Embroidery Guild

  1. I too love embroidery, but never seem to get round to it. I agree so good to get together with others who love textiles – I guess that’s one of the reasons why we blog too. Love the idea of the books you’ll all sewing a page of. And well done on reclaiming the patchwork embroidery! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bekki,
    I agree embroidery is wonderful – sometimes you need a project to make the time as I discovered, which is why I enjoyed participating.
    I will be sharing the page adventures … I am already on my first challenge … x


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