Malvern Quilt Show 2015 – Three Counties Show Ground

I realise I am very lucky, Mr D not only enjoys doing the Art Trail and shares my passion for painting, but he is also kind enough to accompany me to various sewing events! He discovered the Malvern Quilt Show was at the Three Counties Show Ground, so I headed to the Cotswolds for a lovely relaxing long weekend.   The Malvern Quilt show was about a 40 minute drive away from Broadway, we headed off in the bright sunshine in my little red car, with roof down and some 1950’s rock and roll playing on the radio, winding round the glorious countryside. Perfick! to quote Pop Larkin!

After reading the Last Runaway, I have come to look at quilting in a new light.


This quilt was outstanding, the piecework was incredible.


each one of the fans are made up of six or seven pieces!

I believe this is entitled Curved Lines by the incredibly talented Fiona Macaulay Davies.


While two colours might be considered simpler,  this quilt entitled Cappuccino by

Gwenfai Rees Griffiths put so much detail in the quilting stitches creating a whole new pattern.

It was so delightful I spent a good while following the intricate lines.


I loved the smaller quilts, this little one was a delight

It is called Little Meitdrranean Village by Julia Gahagan


I loved the nautical theme, with the centre piece reminding me of degrees on a compass

It is called Winter’s Day, by Andrea Ashwell


Yhis beautiful colourful horse was amazing!

It is Called Horse of Many Colours by Danai-Rae Matthews who is amazingly only 11 years old!


This is entitled Red Arrows over Sandy Bay, by the very talented Patricia Denholm

I think this little one was my favourite, it has inspired me to design a small quilt of my own.

The grass was long and loose threads, and the movement of the kite and draws the eye in.

The curves in the sky are the red arrows.


This adorable cot quilt had three demential sump work  lilac flowers and butterflies.

It is called Flutterbies – by Sheila Warman


None of these shapes is regular, quite a work of art.


These little flowers were free motion embroidery

giving a three dimensional effect.


Pretty, pretty flowers!


Oh yes, David Bowie!  this is called Ziggy by Ann Beech

she hand dyed the cotton and used blanket stitches!


I could not believe this was a quilt! There was so much detail!

It is called Cocktails in Manhattan by the marvellous Jane Hopkins.


This is a small section of one of the ladies dresses, Jane Hopkins is a very talented lady!


I could not believe the padded detail of this quilt,

the stitching was used to raise or squash the layers


with artful precision.


Four seasons in a quilt


I loved the shading of the fabric leaves, summer turning to autumn


Beautiful flowers – the dark background enhances the flowers


Another three dimensional quilt, so beautifully done!

It is called In My Garden, by Penny Armitage

There are a number of shows all round the country and definitely worth a visit.

While I wanted to share these works of art with you, I have kept the pictures small out of respect to the makers.

Be inspired to create your own while giving due regard to these artists creativity.