Sewing Word -50 to Make Bookzine – Cafetiere Cosy

Fifty to Make web graphic

My Cafetiere Cosy is featured in Sewing World 50 to Make Bookzine which is out on the bookshelves now!


It uses reverse appliqué

cafitiere Cosy

The cups are made from ribbons stitched together


with little pretty heart buttons


designed to fit six cup cafitiere – and your coffee warm


I think there are some amazing projects,

one of my favourites is the Camper Van tea cosy who doesn’t love Camper Vans!

Sewing World Article

I have not abandoned my sewing machine, I have been busy stitching away, but I cannot really share what I am up to as I have to send it to be published! However, I can share with you my little coffee cosy which is published in Sewing World this month. I also wrote about our local sewing group called the Blake Belles.
I was inspired by a small box of ribbons!  This makes a good two or three cups so I needed to keep it warm, but coffee cosy sounds so odd!
The weekend flew by in warm contentment, I spent most of Saturday playing around with fabric as it was too cold to go anywhere, the snow had settled – the roads icy and hard.
 I made a fruit cake this week, with a few seeds and nuts in the mixture. I have quite a sweet tooth and so I try to have something on hand that meets my needs but isn’t too calorific, but most importantly is good for me.
Sleet settled in for the afternoon, but I took the dog for a walk in the wintry conditions but really did not stay out that long – the dog kept on stopping and looking up at me every few moments!
I made some lovely red pepper soup – I really like the intensity of flavour you get from slow roasting peppers – they are so sweet. I am also trying my hand at bread making, with some success. It is very simple to make the hardest thing is having the patience to wait for it to rise. Like us all it is also about staying warm!